Practice Areas > Nursing Home Negligence

As those we love and care for grow older, many of our loved ones may, at some point, require admission to an assisted living facility or nursing home. While the resources and staff at most of these facilities provide excellent care, sadly, it is not unusual to find that some people are harmed by the abuse, neglect or negligence of poorly trained staff.

Common examples of nursing home neglect, abuse or negligence are:

  • Bedsores
  • Malnutrition and dehydration
  • Falls due to lack of supervision
  • Physical and sexual abuse
  • Theft of property

If you have a family member that is the victim of nursing home neglect and/or abuse it is imperative that you retain someone to fight for the rights of your loved one. The attorneys at Friedman & Moses are qualified in representing your family should a loved one be the victim of nursing home abuse or negligence.