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Emergency rooms are the third riskiest area of a hospital, next to the surgical area and the labor and delivery suites. Emergency medicine, by its very nature, requires physicians to be well trained at making decisions under urgent conditions. However, the fact that a physician may be treating an emergency does not, in and of itself, absolve a doctor or medical facility from treating a patient properly and within an acceptable standard of care.

Unfortunately, situations arise where an emergency room facility and/or its personnel have failed to act within the appropriate standard of care. Examples of such cases are:

  • The failure to diagnose a fracture
  • The failure to diagnose and/or treat a heart attack
  • The failure to diagnose and/or treat an infection
  • The failure to obtain informed consent prior to performing a surgical procedure
  • The failure to perform diagnostic tests prior to performing an appendectomy, resulting in the discovery, during the surgery, that the patient (who did not speak English,) had previously had their appendix removed

The attorneys at Friedman & Moses have represented victims of medical negligence that occurred in emergency room settings. Thus, if you or someone you know has been injured as a result of medical malpractice committed in an emergency room, do not hesitate to contact one of the attorneys and Friedman & Moses to schedule a free consultation.