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Friedman & Moses is proud of its nearly 40 years of service assisting construction workers injured on the job. It takes tremendous courage to perform the highly skilled and dangerous work that construction workers carry out on a daily basis. To that end, we have developed an expertise in the specific laws in the State of New York that protect construction workers that are injured on the job.

Not only are injured construction workers eligible for Workers’ Compensation (an invaluable means of providing lost wages and medical benefits after an accident,) but they may, under certain circumstances, be entitled to seek fair and just compensation for their injuries under specific sections of the Labor Law of the State of New York. This is a complex and precise area of law that should be handled by attorneys qualified and experienced to handle such matters. We at Friedman & Moses are proud of our continued service in this area of the law.

For nearly forty years we have fought for the rights of construction workers that were injured on the job because of improper equipment or due to unsafe conditions at the job site. We have been a leader in this area, having argued several cases involving these issues in the appellate courts of New York. Our lengthy experience in this specialized area of the law gives us a unique perspective and sensitivity to the needs of construction workers hurt on the job.

If you’re an iron worker, brick layer, demolition worker, painter or other construction laborer that has been hurt in an accident while on the job, please consult the offices of Friedman & Moses to determine whether or not you are eligible to exercise your rights to further remedy, in addition to Workers’ Compensation.