Our Philosophy

The law firm of Friedman & Moses, LLP has been fighting for the rights of accident victims for more than thirty years.  We have built a reputation as aggressive trial lawyers that are thorough in our preparation and passionate in our representation.  We have a proven track record of successful jury verdicts and settlements that have provided meaningful recoveries for our clients.

Our diverse group of experienced trial and appellate lawyers understand the devastating toll that a serious injury or accident has on accident victims and their families.  Aside from the immediate financial concerns posed by a loss of income and mounting medical bills, accident victims are often challenged by debilitating pain that may cause both physical and emotional harm.  In light of these challenges, it is often essential that accident victims utilize the services of experienced trial lawyers that understand their problems.

We at Friedman & Moses, LLP possess more than thirty years of experience battling insurance companies to obtain fair and just recoveries for accident victims.  The insurance companies are more concerned about their bottom line than they are about assisting accident victims injured by their insureds.  To preserve their interests, the insurance industry remains well staffed with attorneys ready to defend their cause. That is why it is essential that accident victims obtain their own trial counsel to assist them in their fight to obtain fair and just compensation.  The trial attorneys at Friedman & Moses, LLP are best equipped to take on that fight.

If you, or someone you know, has suffered an injury as a result of an accident, contact the trial lawyers at Friedman & Moses, LLP to assist you.  We will zealously represent you in Court and allow you the peace of mind to focus your efforts on getting well. We are here to help.